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by Elzy Kolb

Vocalist/composer/arranger Valentina Marino experienced her first musical crush when her father played a collaboration of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong for her. “It was love at first listen,” she recalls. Hoping to make her own contributions to the form, she attended music school in Rome, but economic pressures put her jazz studies on hold.

An invitation to sit in at the Cotton Club during a 2008 visit to the Big Apple revived the dream. “It was so emotional for me; my parents were there; I couldn’t believe I sang with the orchestra.” Afterward, saxophonist John David Simon told her, “Yeah, baby, you’re in New York. Everything happens here!” MORE

JazzCorner News: Valentina Marino transforms Bob Marley classic into infectious jazz pop
by JazzCorner

From the opening seconds of Valentina Marino’s acapella version of “Three Little Birds,” a fun ride is already guaranteed. “Three Little Birds” is the perfect expression of Marino’s immense musical talent. The whole track is nothing but Marino’s own vocal skills, from the main vocals to the back-up to the harmony, coming into play to lay down a hip and fun rendition of the Bob Marley classic. “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing,” Marino coos, and it is impossible not to agree and listen to what she has to say (or, in this case, sing). Marino’s deft arrangement and creative vocals transform “Three Little Birds” into a surprisingly catchy jazz record MORE

Valentina Marino: phiLOVEsophy
by Raul de Gama

What a thrill it is to hear a first record from a vocalist who has a deep and abiding affection for the noble muse of music; of jazz in particular. In fact you will need no other excuse to rush out a grab a copy of this extraordinary disc of tasty selections, especially so when it features performances of such graceful ebullience. You need only sample You’re Everything and Devil and the Deep Blue Sea to what it is to be beguiled with the unleavened magic of the human voice. The fact that it is an Italian singer with the faintest of accents does not matter. Valentina Marino is so wonderful, her vocalastics so pure and fetching that it is easy to fall under her spell for at least an hour or so. MORE

Valentina Marino delivers knockout rendition of Bob Marley classic
by Stacey Zering

At first glance, an unsuspecting listener may not even come to expect yet that Valentina Marino’s “Three Little Birds” is a remake, a refreshing cover of a Bob Marley classic. Perhaps some of the most unwary or distracted of such listeners would even harbor a second listen before noticing. The flavor is very different from the reggae rendition that most have come to know and love. In fact, it is only when the oh-so-familiar words, “don’t worry about a thing ‘cuz every little thing is gonna be alright,” are coolly sung that the listener probably would do a double-take and entertain the notion that this song might not be all that it initially seems. MORE


Beautiful music from Valentina and PhiLOVEsophy!
By Linda Seabright

Following the recent demise of iconic and beloved David Bowie, it’s all the more delightful to find a cover of “Space Oddity” on the new album by Valentina Marino. Her phrasing and instrumentation is extraordinary, as also evidenced by “In the Name of Love”.

Currently residing in New York and hailing originally from Rome, Valentina studied and received her BFA at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. She has toured and performed all over the US and Europe, enchanting audiences with her heady improvisation and tasteful arrangements. Sometimes incorporating Brazilian influences, other times Argentinian, the recordings on “PhiLOVEsophy” bring the listener up close and personal with her heartfelt love for jazz in all its variations.

Another cut, “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”, highlights her dynamic range: subtle yet powerful. All in all, I’ll be giving this album a lot of airtime for my listeners to groove on. MORE


Valentina Marino: PhiLOVEsophy
by The Musiconomy

​I recently had the pleasure of listening to PhiLOVEsophy, the debut album by
New York based jazz vocalist, Valentina Marino. The album is a collection of jazz standards, original tunes and jazz influenced arrangements of pop tunes including the rarely covered “Space Oddity” by David Bowie and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Valentina Marino has carefully chosen songs of love such as “I Want to Prove I Love You” and ”Love Came on Stealthy Fingers”, by vocalist and songwriter Bob Dorough. MORE


Valentina Marino, una voce jazz
Pubblicato il 3 febbraio 2016 da Alessandro Izzi

Valentina Marino, una voce jazz
Suadente voce di velluto quella di Valentina Marino. Una voce che viene da lontano (da Mazzara del Vallo, per essere precisi) e che si propone di andare altrettanto lontano o, perlomeno, di restare lì dove ha trovato una sua seconda casa, forse addirittura più adatta della prima: New York. Nella Grande Mela, MORE

Artisti italiani emergenti nella Grande Mela: Valentina Marino.
Pubblicato il 26 ottobre 2015 da Monia Manzo

Artisti italiani emergenti nella Grande Mela: Valentina Marino.
Molti dei nostri artisti vivono ormai nella Grande Mela, la redazione ha scovato un promettente talento che ha il nome Valentina Marino, la incontriamo in un ristorante canino di New York: The Barking Dog, dove ci divertiamo a scoprire la sua vita per niente monotona di musicista e cantante jazz. MORE

Valentina Marino. La passione del Jazz, oltreoceano
di Valentina Richichi per MyBelìce

Il musicista è un nomade. Vive costantemente la propria esperienza artistica alla stregua di un viaggio. Un viaggio che attraversa luoghi, generi musicali, volti, esperienze fatte di incontri, spesso inaspettati e determinanti. Una testimonianza al riguardo ci arriva da Valentina Marino: un’artista, originaria di Mazara del Vallo, che da anni vive e lavora a New York, culla dei più importanti musicisti jazz che hanno fatto storia. Ed è proprio nella Big Apple che Valentina riesce a coronare il suo sogno di vivere con la sua passione più grande: la musica. MORE